Sunday, 15 December 2013

The Christmas ramble

 Hello my lovelies,
It's been eons since I last blogged, again! Things have been so busy recently it doesn't feel like I've had any time to sit down and rejoin the blogging world - my Bloglovin unread count is ridiculously high right now! I've also not been wearing anything fabulous (and didn't take any outfit photos at my work Christmas do - epic fail) so rather than bombard you with photos of my face I thought we could sit back, have a mince pie and catch up...
At my insistence we got our tree relatively early this year and put it up last Sunday - I'm utterly determined to have a real tree every year as that is what I grew up with and I adore the selection process, hopping around a muddy farm yard until you find the perfect tree! Ours is a little small this year, shorter than I am (which is saying something) but perfectly formed and fits wonderfully into our little flat. I'm sure we need more lights though! The pictures above are of our Disney decorations from Florida, as Disney fanatics these are of course entirely necessary to further our enjoyment of Christmas.
What else have I been up to, other than covering every available surface in the flat with baubles and tinsel? Last week my besties and I spent an afternoon perusing Harrods and trying unsuccessfully to get into Winter Wonderland - the queue was horrendous so we gave up and found a lovely little market in Leicester Square where we promptly boarded the carousel - I think we were all a little disappointed when it ended! I also completed my transformation into a Christmas pudding with this little beauty from Sainsburys, of all places - after rejecting pricier offerings in New Look and Next I'm quite pleased with my little find, it'll be perfect for covering up that food baby on Christmas Day.

This weekend has been a little more of a write-off as Friday night was spent in Birmingham for our work do, so the subsequent days have been a very slow rotation of films, food and numerous cups of tea on the sofa... thank goodness it's only once a year! I'm still kicking myself for not taking any pictures of my outfit as I was so sparkly - how often does one get to dress as a Christmas bauble?! Perhaps I'll try and recreate it for blog purposes...

Next week my siblings are visiting for some more UK festivities and then we'll be off to Luxembourg where I am hoping against hope for a white Christmas! What have you been up to recently? And what are your Christmas plans?

Love Dani


Thank you so much! xx