Sunday, 3 November 2013

What I wore #101

Happy Sunday my lovelies!

It seems almost unthinkable that we've hit November already and the days are getting shorter once again, this year has simply raced by... on one hand I'm a bit sad 2013 is drawing to a close so quickly and the days are so dark, but on the other, well, I do love wrapping up in cosy knits and keeping an eye out for early Christmas decorations! How early is too early to put the tree up?!

It was so windy today that I couldn't be persuaded to remove my coat for snaps of my dress, but then it's an effort for people to persuade me to leave the cosy warmth of the flat these days... however a combination of the sunshine and the promise of coffee and new books eventually lured me outside!The wind also made for some, er, interesting hair going on here... clearly I am descended from lions.

This really isn't the type of dress I'd normally wear as it's a bit too tummy-hugging (gotta hide that food baby before I start getting awkward due date questions) but I think it'll look nice under some jumpers as the weather turns colder. I'm envisaging it with my burgundy jumper from a recent outfit post, watch this space!

Dress - Next
Coat -  Jasper Conran (via eBay)
Scarf - H&M

I appear to have forgotten how to smile. And pose. At this point I was most likely in a sulk due to lack of caffeine consumption.

But then I got my hands on a Starbucks orange mocha (complete with the famed red cup) so all was well in the world again!

I'm now going to curl up under my duvet with a book (and possibly Jon) and pretend I don't have to get up for work in the morning, sigh. I've just raced through all five available books in Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instruments series, and I'm thinking of doing another book post soon as I've rediscovered my utter devotion to reading again!

Is this something you'd like to see? Have you read any good series recently? I adore recommendations!

Love Dani


  1. Lovely wintery outfit, Dani!
    I remember reading Cassandra Clare's HP and LOTR fanfiction, how time flies! I always love a good book post, so please let us know what you've been reading :)
    Martha xx

  2. Love the outfit! Now I really want a starbucks gingerbread latte haha xx

  3. You look lovely, your coat is beautiful! I would definitely love to read a book post, I'm totally loving reading more too!

    Jennie xo |


Thank you so much! xx