Sunday, 20 October 2013

What I Wore #100

Wow, my hundredth outfit post - who would have thought?! Let's gloss over the fact it's taken me about three years to do this, shall we? Truth is I get dressed while half asleep most days and only realise I look like a bag lady once I've been at my desk for a few hours... not really worth photographing now is it?!
Despite it still only being October, I'm beginning to feel festive now the leaves are starting to fall and I'm having to dig out my knitwear once again. I actually had to be deterred from buying pumpkins and a holly wreath at the supermarket this morning - it is just some kind of condition I have that as soon as the temperature drops below 15 degrees I start buying mulled-wine-scented candles and twinkly lights. I'm seriously counting down until the day we can put up the tree!

In the meantime I shall try and distract myself with the odd wintery treat here and there, such as this awesome cosy jumper. I bought the white one a few weeks ago (funnily enough on a day when it was about 20 degrees - my mother was in sandals, while I was hugging jumpers in Bluewater squealing IT'S SO FLUFFY) and it's so warm and cosy and bulky but not too frumpy, I just had to have two. They also have a gorgeous powder blue one that I think I'm going to have to add to my wardrobe.

I think this is absolutely my favourite colour for A/W - anything vaguely berry/purple/plum/burgundy and I am sold. It also matches all my lip colours (yes, I MATCH things). The snood is also a new acquisition - it has a very subtle sparkle to it and I don't have to worry about it clashing with any of my numerous coats! Not that it's cold enough to wear a scarf just yet (I removed it seconds after the photos were taken as it's just TOO warm... I want it to be properly cold now!)

Jumper - H&M
Snood - H&M
Skirt - River Island
Necklace - Fiorelli

Just as a quick aside, if you fancy 25% off anything in H&M right now there's a voucher in the most recent copy of Grazia (only £1!) but it's only valid until Tuesday so hurry! It's literally the only reason I allowed myself to buy the jumper and scarf - I just cannot seem to shake off the bargain-hunting side of me that developed as a student...
I've been wearing these sweaters with jeans and boots for a super laid back comfy look - obviously I decided a skirt would be most appropriate for these pics and the lovely windy weather today...

Can I just take a second to give this necklace some appreciation as well? I adore my jumpers but often end up looking a bit like a frump with the higher necklines thanks to the larger than average bust I was cursed/blessed with. Dainty little pendants just won't cut it in this instance, so I've taken to wearing statement necklaces, the bigger the better! This one is so stunning and really adds a lovely touch to any outfit - I'm planning on teaming it with a high necked black dress for my next night out. 

I think between the jumpers, the scarf and the necklace I've basically got my A/W style sorted for now - what are your cold weather essentials this year?

Love Dani

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  1. So beautiful! I love your necklace, it looks stunning with your snuggly jumper!

    Jennie xo |


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