Sunday, 8 September 2013

St Briac-sur-Mer - August 2013

...Otherwise known as Paradise.

I cannot believe it has been another month since I last blogged and I'm so sorry! Thank you for still sticking by me during my blog silence!
This August has been a funny old month, with a whole lot of work-related stress which means all energy used for blogging, tweeting or anything productive at all has been depleted by the time I get home each night! It's not all been bad however - a couple of weeks ago my dad kindly invited Jon and I to stay with him in Brittany for a week and it was exactly what we both needed to chill out and forget the world for a while.

I'd never visited Brittany before and had formed an image in my mind that it was a bit like the English coast I'm used to - grey, windy, a bit run-down and full of junk shops. How wrong I was! Not a tacky gift shop in sight (well, until we hit the touristy Mont St Michel), a super cute village with a grocer's, three bakeries and a cheese shop (well it is France), and the most stunning beaches I've seen in a long time. We spent most days walking along the coast, visiting various historical places of interest (including the Bayeux tapestry), dreaming of a wedding in a French chateau (well I did, anyway!) and eating. Oh, the eating. The cheese. The moules. The frites. The pancakes (I adore the savoury galettes they do, we've taken to making our own gluten-free versions at home). The wine! I'd go back in a heartbeat (and hopefully will as we're already planning next year's visit) I can definitely see why people fall in love with the region, it's just stunning... But I'll let you see for yourselves!

The tides were incredible - if you wanted to go swimming without having to walk miles over a moon-landscape then you can only go in the mornings or evenings - Jon and I passed the harbour at 3pm and all the boats were beached! Despite the water drawing so far away it was still lovely to sit by the sea and drink in all the air and atmosphere - just heavenly and so good for the soul.
Naturally we also indulged in some soul food...magret de canard, local fish and naturally some sweet treats were on the menu!

 It's "cidre", not cider! Also loved the wizard on the bottle!

Suffice to say we arrived home somewhat heavier than when we left, although every bite was worth it! I'm still craving those delicious mussels, and I really miss having a fresh baker's nearby (although my stomach probably isn't missing it!)

How was your August?

Love Dani

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